Ordering and Shipping Information

Staining products listed in this catalogue are usually kept in stock. Dyes and stains not included within this catalogue may also be available upon inquiry.

All staining and accessory solutions will be sold in glass or plastic bottles corresponding to 2-oz., 4-oz., 8-oz., pint, quart and gallon. Follow label and procedural instructions for bring concentrates or dry gram weights to the correct dilution. All # products required special poison packaging. A fee of $18.00 will be charged for each poison package.

FOB Danvers, MA 01923, net 30 days. Prices are subject to change without notice. There is a $15.00 minimum purchase requirement. Quotations can be made for the purchase of large quantities.

When ordering particular reagents, specify product number, name and reagent(s) and desired quantity. Mail orders to Rowley Biochemical, Danvers Industrial Park, 10 Electronics Ave., Danvers, Massachusetts, 01923, or call (978) 739-4883.  You may also email orders to [email protected] or place an online order.

Purchase orders must contain complete shipping instructions, including marking and routing. Chemicals which cannot be sent via UPS/RPS will be shipped Air Freight or with various truck firms.

Although complete instructions are provided with our in vitro diagnostic products, the staining results cannot be guaranteed, inasmuch as sample preparation, skill and technique of the user are the determining factors.

Many of the in vitro diagnostics contain hazardous materials. The burden of safe use of our laboratory products rests entirely with the user.

Returns may be made, if authorized, following the issuance of appropriate shipping instructions. Poisons and hazardous material must be shipped in accordance with Department of Transportation’s requirements for handling hazardous materials. We reserve the right to refuse the return of certain items such as those with a limited shelf-life, custom orders or other items which, in our judgment, have limited resale potential, unless the request for return is due to an error on our part. Authorized returns may be subject to a restocking charge when the return is due to customer error.

All orders will be accompanied by a Safety Data Sheet for each and every item.

The following abbreviations are used on product labels to designate proper storage conditions:

RT – Store at room temperature, 15°-30°C (59°F – 86°F).
LS – Light Sensitive; protect from exposure to sunlight.
4°C – Store in the refrigerator.
0°C – Store in the freezer.